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Note from a PHPA Member:       Good afternoon Butch,  I sent a request for consultation to the Virtual Flight Surgeons at about 1300 today. By 1600 I had a phone call and an answer. What a great benefit. Thanks for your work in putting this together. Marshall Heckaman

FAA Medical Certification Assistance and Aeromedical Advice

Aviation Medicine Advisory Service formally Virtual Flight Surgeons Inc. is the industry leader in providing FAA medical certification assistance to pilots and air traffic controllers.  The AMAS physicians are board certified in Aerospace Medicine, with 100+ years combined military and civilian experience.  AMAS represents over 90,000 professional pilots and controllers, providing the same world-class service utilized by airline pilots’ unions.  AMAS provides a risk-free, confidential aeromedical service with an overall goal of enhancing pilot and controller health and safety. 
PHPA has partnered with AMAS to bring this world-class aeromedical service to it’s membership.  AMAS will provide a complimentary annual physician consultation to all PHPA members and a 10% discount if a pilot requires case submission to the FAA.  When it comes to protecting your FAA medical certificate, rely on the AMAS physicians to provide you the expertise you need.

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