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  • What is PHPA?

PHPA is a non-profit organization seeking to improve the profession of helicopter piloting. We do so through industry lobbying, the promotion of safety research and advancements, and seeking improvements in pilot and employer relations. PHPA participates in many industry councils such as the IFALPA Helicopter Committee, International Helicopter Safety Team, and was a sitting member of the NTSB panel charged with formulating questions during the Congressional Helicopter EMS Hearings.

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  • How will PHPA benefit me? 

By becoming a member of PHPA you are helping to support PHPA’s mission of improving the profession of helicopter piloting for yourself and your peers in the industry. You are lending your voice to the issues of concern to helicopter pilots around the world: safety, security, training, professional working environment and opportunity.

As a PHPA member you will also receive some immediate benefits including the much sought after Professional Helicopter Pilot Association cap; subscriptions to Autorotate, a free consultation with Virtual Flight Surgeons, $1,000.00 life insurance policy, as well as member’s only access to our website.


  • Do I have to join a union to be a member of PHPA?

No. Most helicopter pilots are not members of organized unions and local membership is not a PHPA requirement. PHPA supports the advancement of the profession of helicopter piloting both from within and without the labor union structure.


  • How is ALPA (Airline Pilots Association) helping PHPA?

Many of the benefits recognized and enjoyed by airline pilots were negotiated on their behalf by ALPA. ALPA lends their expertise and their assistance to PHPA in our pursuit of some of the same objectives: increased safety, equitable pay, reasonable training, and job security.


  • What are the requirements for joining PHPA?

PHPA membership is largely made up of working professional pilots from all industries and flying disciplines including military pilots and flight instructors. We also welcome private pilots, student pilots and retired pilots to join PHPA. If you are an active, future, or past helicopter pilot and you support the advancement of the career of helicopter piloting—PHPA has much to offer.


  • Can pilots outside the U.S. join PHPA?

Yes, they can. PHPA is an international organization, though it is headquartered in the U.S. Our objective is to improve the profession of helicopter piloting in all areas of the world and we are gathering members internationally to help us in that endeavor.


  • Can I just subscribe to autorotate magazine?

No, you can’t, and here’s why. PHPA exists to give helicopter pilots a voice. Your voice counts. We have attempted to make the cost of membership as affordable as possible and to provide meaningful incentives for you to join. Autorotate is one of those incentives. Our hope is that if you are interested in the articles found in autorotate (safety, flying techniques, stories about flying in different industries, etc.) that you are also interested in promoting the career of helicopter piloting. Membership in PHPA gives you that opportunity.


  • Who can volunteer to serve on a PHPA committee?

Any PHPA member. If you have an interest in serving on one of our committees and meeting and working with others who share a common interest, we’d like to talk to you. You may pursue an interest in committee membership by going to our "Committee Sign-Up" page and filling out the short questionnaire and submitting it. A member of the committee you are interested in will then contact you with further information.

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