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The Professional Helicopter Pilots Test Center is proud to announce that we have partnered with the renowned FAA test prep software company, Dauntless Aviation. Because each individual learns best in a certain manner, PHPTC has expanded its' Military Competency-Helicopter test prep package to include a home study option. Some people learn better in a classroom environment with a dedicated instructor teaching the class and available for questions. Others learn better in a self study environment. For those individuals that wish to attend a formal class, we will still offer that option approximately once a month. These classes are taught on a Saturday morning with the testing completed in early afternoon. You may sign up for the class by calling or stopping by the office to reserve a seat. The class room option is $140 and covers both the prep class and the exam. The exam alone normally cost $150. The $140 fee is paid the day of the class. Those individuals wishing to prepare for the exam through the self-study option may complete the sign-up process over the phone or in person. A one-time fee of $140 will be paid at that time. The applicant will be given instructions on how to download the program from the website and product licensing information. Applicants signing up by phone will need an e-mail address. Students will sign up for a specific test date unless other arrangements are made. The testing days will vary, but will mostly be late in the afternoon/early evenings during the week. This allows the applicant to have their weekends free.

A similar self-study program is offered for applicants wishing to get their Certified Flight Instructor and Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument ratings via the Military Competency-Instructor exam. This program will be priced at $160. The sign-up process for this program is the same as the Military Competency-Helicopter. Testing dates will be negotiated at the time of sign-up based on applicant schedule and availability of Test Center personnel to administer the exam. PHPTC accepts cash, personal checks, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Cards.

The self-study software provided through our partnership with Dauntless Aviation allows the applicant to study the questions in a number of different ways. It also allows the applicant to consult imbedded reference materials when needed. The applicant may take practice tests until they are absolutely sure that they are ready for the actual exam. As an added feature the software emulates both the CATS and LaserGrade formats. PHPTC is a CATS testing center.

You may call the office @ (334) 598-1031 or e-mail at


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