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Frequently Asked Question about the Military Competency Class/Exam Minimize

The cost is $140. We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Card. 
What all does the $140 include? 

a. Prep class to prepare you for the exam

b. The exam

Free: One year membership with PHPA, and a " Welcome to PHPA" breakfast prior to the class.  
What is the PHPA and why do I want to be a member? 
The PHPA is a professional organization founded to improve the working conditions, pay and benefits of the Commercial Helicopter Pilot. It accomplishes this by working with industry and government agencies, both here in the United States and abroad. 
How will membership in the PHPA benefit me as a military aviator?
a. You will receive Autorotate magazine for one year free.
b. You will have access to the members only area at www.autorotate.com.
c. You will receive $3000 of  life insurance  from PHPA from $2000 OPEIU with a double indemity for free as long as you’re a member.
d. There are many benefits on the web site.
e.  In addition to the above benefits, PHPA is heavily involved in increasing the pay and benefits for commercial helicopter pilots world wide.
f. Most importantly it keeps you abreast of the commercial helicopter pilot industry while you are serving in the military.
When are the classes/exams?  

Generally they are scheduled every 2 weeks to coincide with a class graduating from instruments. Go to the Class Schedule button to view the schedule.

What is the time line for the class and exam? 

Doors open about 7:15 am.

Welcome to PHPA breakfast starts at 7:30 am.

Paperwork begins at 8:00.

Prep class from approximately 8:20 – 10:30.

Testing begins immediately after class is over and continues until all students are tested.

How many can test at one time and how long does it take to test?

The PHPTC can administer 10 tests at a time. The average time to take the test is about 20-30 minutes. That means I can test an average of 20 - 30 people per hour.
Why do I need to take this exam and what qualifications will I have when I receive my certificate? 

The Commercial Pilot Certificate, Rotorcraft, Helicopter with Instrument Rating allows you to apply for employment as a civilian. Face it, you will someday in the future, be a civilian again. Most of you, upon leaving the military, will choose to stay in the aviation career field. To even apply for pilot  job you must have the Commercial Pilot Certificate.
What do I need to do to sign up for the test?

Please call 334-598-1031 to reserve a seat.
PHPA has beautiful climate controlled facilities, with clean rest rooms. There are no snack machine, but I do bring soft drinks that may be purchased for 50 cents per drink. We try to take a break about once every hour.
Note: FAA Pilot certificates, by law, cannot be forwarded in the mail.
Forward additional questions to Ron Arsenault.

Cell:       (334) 701-7602

Office:    (334) 598-1031

Home:    (334) 984-0729


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